Perspectives on Bilingualism: the importance of pronunciation in second language learning

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Jalil, Samira Abdel

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This study examines the views of ESL learners and their teachers regarding the advantages of being bilingual, the importance of cross-linguistic interaction, and the place of pronunciation in Second Language Learning. It is aimed at building on prior research and studies in the area as well as discussing and comparing the attitudes the participants of this study have towards these bilingualism-related issues. The participants of this study were 42 ESL learners and their 6 teachers at the International High School in New York. This questionnaire was administered with the attempt of gaining better understanding of these towards the outcomes of being a bilingual at an intermediate and developing stage of acquiring the second language.


Final research presented in fulfilment of the requirements for the Master of Arts Program in Applied Linguistics (TESOL) at Queens College. Seminar in Research in TESOL. 2002


Biblingualism, Pronunciation, Second Language learning, Pós-Graduação Dissertações de Mestrado


JALIL, Samira Abdel. Perspectives on Bilingualism: The Importance of Pronunciation in Second Language Learning. 75 p. Dissertação de Mestrado (Pós-Graduação Master of Arts Program in Applied Linguistics) – Queens College, Nova York, 2002.