2D Thermo-Mechanical Analysis of Itaipu buttress dam using the finite element method in Frortran

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Silva Junior, Edivaldo José da
Pedry, G. R.
Aracayo, L. A. S.
Coelho, D. P.
Kzam, A. K. L.

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Edivaldo José da Silva Junior


The aim of the present work is to present a computational code in FORTRAN, based on the Finite Element Method, capable of simulating the thermal behavior of a two dimensional medium subjected to conduction heat transfer. The code is used to develop a numerical model of the buttress dam of the ITAIPU Hydroelectric Power Station (CHI). Thermo-structural coupling is performed using the temperature field as the nodal contour condition via the initial thermal deformation. In order to validate the model, the ANSYS® commercial software is used, the efficiency of which is proven in the technical literature, and the thermo-structural coupling of which is performed with the tools available in the Workbench. Finally, the results of the proposed coupling model are compared with the dam instrumentation data.


Artigo desenvolvindo com base no trabalho de conclusão de curso do autor e apresentado no Congresso DamWorld 2018.


Concrete dam, Itaipu Binacional - barragem, Heat transfer, Finite element method