Itens para a visualização no momento 1624-1643 of 1791

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    Taberne Albarenga, Eva Yolanda [2]
    Taberne, Eva [1]
    Tacza, Enzo Frank Bruno [1]
    Talavera, Isel Judit [2]
    Tallei, Jorgelina Ivana [2]
    Tamara Fernández, Daniela [2]
    Tavares, Diego Alberto [1]
    Teis, Denize Terezinha [1]
    Teixeira, Andrea de Chermont [1]
    Teixeira, Jéssika Silva [2]
    Teixeira, Raphaela Andressa Gonçalves [1]
    Teixeira, Sandra Soares [1]
    Teko'a y Hovi, Ilson Soares do [1]
    Tellez Bejarano, Tatiana Catherin [2]
    Tellez Ramos, Lidia Susana [1]
    Terencio, Maria Leandra [2]
    The present paper searches to discuss the aircrafts spatial circuits of production on brazilian territory through analysis of the enterprise, the Embraer S.A. – the third biggest on commercial aircrafts production in the world. Affected by the financialization process in the internacional scenario, the Embraer aligns itself to the world tendencies of the sector looking for bigger competitiveness; in this process, the enterprise internationalized the production through risky partnerships and other investments modes, making installations in many countries, and relying on suppliers of several nationalities. Therefore, new co-operation circles have been established; however, it highlights the important role still reserved to Brazilian status for the competitive of the company. Thus, we search, in this paper, analyze the Embraer S.A strategies and territorial dynamics, showing some aspects of the corporative use of territory in the actual season. [1]
    Thiele, Luciane [1]
    Thomas, Hernán [1]
    Timoteo, Fabiana da Conceição [1]